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Upcoming Events

Viva Voce at the Sweet Thunder Festival

24 Apr 2014 - 27 Apr 2014
Swiss sound installation Viva Voce is part of the Sweet Thunder Festival, San Francisco’s festival of Electro-Acoustic Music

Exploring the Future of Reproduction

01 May 2014
As technology marches on, what are the medical and ethical ramifications for individuals, for families, and for society?

Digital Campus Meeting May 2014

06 May 2014
Swiss university communicators meet to discuss bilingual communications, use of Instagram, and social media governance at ZHAW Winterthur.

Get Your Brain in the Game

07 May 2014 - 08 May 2014
Swiss startup MindMaze presents virtual reality for stroke therapy at the NeuroGaming Conference.

What if the Big One Hits? Hacking Earthquake Resilience

31 May 2014
Scientists and coders make the Bay Area safer and more resilient by hacking urban data.

Previous Events

Sibylle Hagmann at TYPO SF

10 Apr 2014
Swiss designer Sibylle Hagmann speaks at TYPO San Francisco 2014.

Startup Webinar: The Silicon Valley Startup Ecosystem

02 Apr 2014
Insights into how Silicon Valley works.

Different Faces of Innovation in Asia

26 Mar 2014
swissnexDay'14 in Olten, Switzerland, centers on the growing markets and scientific potential of India, China, and Singapore.

Spatial Stories: Augmented and Virtual Realities

20 Mar 2014
An evening of immersive games and installations incorporating virtual and augmented reality, held in conjunction with GDC.

Gaming International: GDC Pitch Night

17 Mar 2014
Discover the most innovative game studios from France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, and the US during the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Bay Area KNIME Meetup

05 Mar 2014
Take control of your data with KNIME, an open, modular platform for all your data needs!

SOBA: Forecasting the Future

04 Mar 2014
Forecasting the Future of Science and Science Communication.

Creative Collisions: Art and Science

03 Mar 2014
Learn the secrets of CERN’s artist-in-residency program, Collide@CERN, with Robert Semper, San Francisco-based artist Bill Fontana, and scientist Subodh Patil.

Digital Promises in Art Book Publishing

25 Feb 2014
A discussion of the performative nature of digitizing contemporary art books, exhibition catalogues, and artist books.

Urban Data Hackathon

22 Feb 2014
Will you be the one to visualize a real-time data stream display on Market Street? Join a one-day hackathon to find the team up to the task.
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