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Urban Data Challenge

What’s the heartbeat of your city? Does data make your pulse race? Join the online data visualization competition using transportation feeds from San Francisco, Geneva, and Zurich.
06 Feb 2013 - 31 Mar 2013

Practical Information:

This is an ONLINE competition with related events in San Francisco, Zurich, and Geneva.

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Ville Vivante

Related events

Feb 6: Kick-off at swissnex San Francisco and in Geneva, Switzerland (Lift Conference)
Feb 8: Hackathon, Lift in Geneva (RSVP on until January 30)
Feb 23: International Open Data Day; Hackathon, San Francisco at GAFFTA; Meet-up in Zurich, Switzerland
April 6: Awards Ceremony, San Francisco and Zurich

Busses, trams, bicycles, pedestrians, and cars zoom about modern cities like blood pulsing through the body. But with urban growth comes challenges—one of them is how to improve transportation. Luckily, advances in technology combined with active open data and open source movements mean the citizenry can increasingly become part of the solution. Unclog the arteries, stimulate circulation.

The Urban Data Challenge seeks to harness the innovative and creative power of communities around the world to tackle urban challenges through data visualization.

Designers, programmers, data scientists, and artists alike are invited to take up the challenge: merge and compare mobility data sets from three cities—San Francisco, Geneva, and Zurich—and draw meaningful insights. Winning projects will showcase the power of open governmental data and facilitate the knowledge exchange between cities. Juried prizes include round-trip airfare to one of the participating cities and funding from Fusepool, the European / Swiss Datapool, for developing the project into an app.

If all of this gets your blood flowing, stay tuned! The jury, challenge rules, and visualization criteria will be announced on February 6, 2013:


More Info

This event is co-organized by swissnex San Francisco, the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, the Lift Conference, and

Urban Data Challenge is only possible through the support of partners and friends in all three cities: swissnex San Francisco, LIFT, GAFFTA,, Fusepool, VBZ, TPG, SFMATA, Geneva, E-Zürich, Mozilla, Pro Helvetia, and others.


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